What is SAG-AFTRA and Industry Sound Recordings Distribution Fund (SRDF)?

The SAG-AFTRA and Industry Sound Recordings Distribution Fund (SRDF), was established in 2012 under the AFTRA National Code of Fair Practice for Sound Recordings ("Code") for the purpose of receiving and distributing royalty payments by the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Agreement covers more than 600 signatory companies including the four (4) major labels: Disney, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music and Warner Music Entertainment Group signed to the Code.

SRDF comprise of a board of trustees with equal representation from SAG-AFTRA and the major recording companies. SRDF acts on behalf of non-royalty artists for the digital exploitation of sound recordings and music videos for which their performance is embodied and for license agreements for both the digital and physical exploitation of covered sound recordings or music videos. These royalty payments include but not limited to permanent audio/video downloads, non-permanent audio/video downloads, interactive audio, and video streams.

SRDF also receives payments on behalf of singers who covered work is licensed and conversion fee for foreign used in traditional media/foreign (commercials, TV/Theatrical, Video games) and non-traditional media/foreign.

SRDF seeks to identify all performers who are entitled to payment for the exploitation of their work.

Working to provide a trustworthy, responsible and professional commitment to protect and ensure that non-Royalty Artists are paid for the exploitation of their work in an ever-evolving music industry.

Royalties are compensation paid to non-royalty artists (Singers/Vocalists) for use of their vocals exploited in permanent audio/video downloads, non-permanent audio/video downloads, interactive audio, and video streams.

Royalties are based on formulas that divide the amount distributable for the qualifying Audio Download by the number of Non-Royalty Artists identified on the Permanent Audio Download.

All non-royalty vocalists hired under Sound Recordings agreement whose performance remains in the final product.

Royalties are due when payment has been received for the exploitation of an artist performance.

There is no set answer. Payment depends on how often your performance is exploited, licensed or aired in a foreign media.

Between three (3) and four (4) thousand paper checks are processed each year by SRDF.

First, make sure the SRDF has your correct contact information. If so, please fill out 'Inquiry Form' or phone us at (818) 853-0108. Please provide your name, member number, project title and a brief description of the problem. You will be contacted promptly as to the actions being taken on your behalf and periodically updated as to the status, if necessary.

Keep your address and contact information current at all times – including contact information for loan-out companies. NOTE Updating information with SRDF does not automatically update your information with SAG-AFTRA and vice versa – must be done separately.

You can mail the SRDF at 4705 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, 4th Floor, Valley Village, CA 91602. Performers may also submit their update request in writing by fax at (818) 853-0109 or check our online address change form. A signature is required in each case. Please note – you must specifically request changes to loan-out company information. Loan-out company records ARE NOT AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED when a performer record is updated.

Yes. All royalties will continue to flow to designated heirs as long as the sound recordings continue to generate revenue for the performer/vocalist. Remember, it is an heir's responsibility to keep his/her mailing address up to date with SRDF. We encourage you to consult an attorney for any questions of a legal nature.

After the death of a participant, the HEIRS or LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE of the estate must complete and return the Beneficiary Claimant Questionnaire and Fund Indemnification Form, along with supporting documentation. These forms (found at wwwsaisrdf.org/forms) must be completed by the person claiming a right to receive payments of a deceased performer's royalties. We encourage you to consult an attorney for any questions of a legal nature. Please contact the Beneficiary Claims Department (818-853-0108) for additional information on the Beneficiary Assignment Process.

Yes, to facilitate the delivery of royalties via direct deposit. It is required that SRDF members who are participants under AFM & SAF-AFTRA Fund authorize it to share direct deposit information. For new members to SRDF must register for direct deposit.

Enrollment for direct deposit will be initiated through the SRDF website. Participants who are already enrolled with AFM & SAG-AFTRA Fund may authorize the Fund to share current information with SRDF.

Yes. The member will specify which bank account they would like to use for deposits. The program will be able to deposit funds into most U.S. bank accounts.

Yes. Royalty statements will be available online through the direct deposit portal, where you can see the full history of deposits along with royalty statements and images of the corresponding check stubs.

The program will initially be limited to AFM & SAG-AFTRA and SRDF. The goal is for all royalties from the above entities to eventually be delivered via direct deposit.

For members who opt into direct deposit, deposits will typically be made according to distribution schedule. Deposits will be made on the first day of each distribution; thereby, making you the first to receive your payment.

Access to royalties' data will be through website account, so only you will have access to your royalties and direct deposit information. If you have given your agent or manager on-line access to your royalties' information, then access will be granted.

Participants must opt in for direct deposit. Those that do not elect to receive direct deposit will continue to receive paper checks and statements. At any time, a participant can change their preference for direct deposit or paper checks.

This is strictly an opt-in choice. Paper checks will be issued for those who do not want to participate in direct deposit.

Direct deposit will have no effect on pension and health benefits.

Yes, the AFM & SAG-AFTRA check tracker will still be available and accessible.

There is no cost for this service.

All bank account information will be kept with the highest security and encryption standards, consistent with those of the banking industry.

Our goal is to make direct deposit available for all members and their loan-outs. In certain instances, direct deposit may not be feasible specifically for loan-outs. It is crucial that you complete your W9 and LOD (Letter of Direction).